About my person



I saw the light of day on October 10, 1987 in Zwenkau near Leipzig. However, I am with Apert syndrome, a physical disability. Thanks to numerous operations and medical interventions, I can live my life today like a physically healthy person. Many thanks to the pediatric surgeon Prof. Karin Rothe as well as at Prof. Joachim Mühling.

I finished my school career with a good secondary school leaving certificate School for handicapped children and young people from. My great pride is my professional career. I am a trained medical documentation assistant and a qualified commercial specialist. I have already gained a lot of professional experience in both professional areas. Since 2016 I have been working for a large telecommunications service provider as a telephone customer advisor.

Besides that, I volunteer for disabled people. It is very important to me that this is not only helped medically but also psychologically.

That's why I've been a Book author active. In my publications I deal intensively with the topic of "physical and mental disabilities". I will publish more books on this subject as guides and stories in the near future. I will autobiographically describe my experiences as a physically disabled person as well as experiences with other disabled people.

And when I still have time, I play Barrel organto collect donations for disabled people.