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Handicap International

In June 2018 it occurred to me that in addition to my work, I could do a voluntary activity that has to do with disabled people. For this, it was also important to me that I can carry out the aforementioned activity from home. After a long search I came across an organization that included everything I wanted to do. The organization is called Handicap International.

I recommend the organization in question because above all donate should be collected. I would also like to ensure that so-called barrier zones are set up in public facilities (e.g. schools, churches, etc.). You can find more information about the barrier zones here. I have also drawn up a petition regarding assistance for disabled people and the integration of disabled people in companies.

You can access the petitions via the following links:

Better help for disabled people

Integration of disabled people in companies

Parents' initiative Apert Syndrome

I have also been a member of the association since mid-2020 Parents' initiative Apert Syndrome, because on the one hand I have suffered from the physical handicap called Apert syndrome since I was born and on the other hand I got to know people with the disability just mentioned and some situations from their lives. As a member of the Parents' initiative Apert Syndrome be available as a consultant for the people affected with the said disability for assistance, etc.

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