My books

Here I present my books that have already been published by the publisher Tredition. I write books, primarily children's and young people's books from the age of 12, on the big topic Handicap of man. It is very important to me that you can master your life despite your disability. It is also important that people who do NOT have a disability have to learn that disabled people also belong to our society. I have other author pages on Tredition, Amazon Author Center as LovelyBooks and am also on Facebook as Book author Isabel Dijkgraaf to find.

Carolines Weg - ein inspirierender Frauen-Roman der etwas anderen Art - isabel dijkgraaf

Caroline's way

This book is about a girl named Caroline. She has a learning disability. After intensive medical examinations and a lap of honor, she attended a school for learning disabled children. Caroline had educational and parental supervision all her life. But finally she finds a job in a workshop for disabled people with an attached dormitory, in which she feels very comfortable.

Matildas Lebenskampf - der Alltag mit Apert-Syndrom - isabel dijkgraaf

Matilda's struggle for life

This book is about the life of a girl named Matilda with a physical disability called "Apert Syndrome". This had to go through a lot - from hospital stays to secondary school graduation. It happened that Matilda could not do regular training, but had to go to a so-called workshop for disabled people. In this workshop, Matilda established herself perfectly, so that she could take on a higher position.

Isabel Dijkgraaf - psychologische Therapie von Wutanfällen Buch

Hilfe für Oliver

In diesem Buch geht es um einen Jungen namens Oliver, der in seiner Kindheit an sogenannten Verhaltensstörungen leidet, indem er in einigen Situationen enorme Wutanfälle bekommt. Aus diesem Grund besucht der kleine Junge eine Sonderschule. Während seiner Schullaufbahn wurde dem kleinen Oliver aufgrund seiner Verhaltensstörungen psychologisch therapiert, sodass er doch ein gutes Leben führen wird.