Musical activities

veeh harfe - isabel dijkgraaf

Veeh harp

In addition to my first musical instrument, the barrel organ, I thought that I could play another instrument despite my physical disability. After a long research, I came across the Veeh harp. For this I took an introductory course and after it was successful I said to myself: “That's it!”. I will take further courses and later give Veeh harp concerts in so-called Ensemples. The corresponding dates appear on my homepage under the heading "Live Events".

Drehorgel - isabel dijkgraaf

Barrel organ

I've always wanted to play a musical instrument. Unfortunately, due to my limitation, I couldn't find a suitable instrument. A friend of mine gave me the idea that I could try the so-called barrel organ. I am very enthusiastic about this great musical instrument. Now I have acquired a hobby in addition to my voluntary work and my job as a customer advisor and book author. This is playing a barrel organ. That's where my stage name comes from Bella's organ music.

Genres of music

  • Nursery rhymes
  • Hymns
  • Modern music
  • Orchestral songs
  • Bat
  • waltz
  • Christmas carols

Preferred venues

I would like to give concerts with my barrel organ in the following places:

  • on fairgrounds at public events and festivals
  • in churches

My offer

I am ready to agree the duration of the game individually with the respective organizer. With my barrel organ music I want to donate to the organizations at festivals and events Handicap International and Parents' initiative Apert Syndrome collect.

I also ask for serious booking inquiries.